Sustainable design and construction

Our commitment

Established set of principles in terms of professional ethics in its triple dimension – economic, social and environmental.

With more than 40 years of history and aware of its responsibility to the community where it operates, the AFA Group has always sought to carry out its business sustainably, or rather to operate in an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable way.

Respect for human rights, the recognition of our employees, the protection of the environment and compliance with ethical and social principles have been constants in the AFA Group’s entire activity. We believe that this is the only way we can ensure a better quality of life and sustainability for future generations.


Aware of the fragility of the environment and the sustainability of natural resources, the AFA Group consolidated the inclusion of the best environmental practices in its activities, prioritising the respect of environmental rules. The AFA Group has been assuming a more active role in waste treatment in order to reduce the environmental impacts, prevent pollution and preserve natural resources.

To this end, the AFA Group tries, in all its decisions, to reconcile economic progress with respect for all those it interacts with and for the environment, through actions based on ethical principles and values. In internal processes, we integrate procedures and practices to prevent and minimise environmental risks and promote awareness-raising initiatives with a view to preserving these values.

Aware of the fragility of the environment and the sustainability of natural resources


Contribution to local development

In recent years, the AFA Group has developed a variety of social, sports and cultural projects. This component of social responsibility goes far beyond creating jobs and contributing to the development of the places where the AFA Group operates.

While it’s true that the creation of jobs, and the prompt payment of salaries and accounts with our partners is in itself a socially responsible attitude, it is no less true that all the support that can be given to the most deprived and unprotected, especially those who interact socially with us, makes us even more responsible.

For our customers, we seek to provide excellence in service and exceed their expectations; with our suppliers, we seek to maintain mutually beneficial partnership relations; for our employees, we promote knowledge and personal and professional development.

Projects and Initiatives

Over the years, the AFA Group has supported various not-for-profit and social support entities. We contribute locally with goods, food and clothing, among other items, directly helping the people who interact with us, especially in our projects in Angola.

We highlight the importance given to youth in our organisation through the Social Support to Education scheme, created by the AFA Group in 2011. This support has already seen the award of more than 1,000 scholarships.

The Selection Committee prioritises employees and their immediate descendants in the award of the scholarships, and if there is still support availability, it considers the applications of other students with a good educational attainment.

As part of our Social Support for Education scheme, we also signed a protocol with the University of Madeira, supporting 3 students on the Civil Engineering course with an annual scholarship. The social support we provide aims not only to create and support a strong relationship with society, but also to prove that it is worthwhile to set up good companies that are sound and fulfil their obligations to society.


Other examples demonstrating the dedication of the AFA Group and its employees to fulfilling corporate social responsibility objectives include:

  • Pro bono intervention in natural disaster situations, such as the catastrophes of 20 February 2010 and the fires of 9 August 2016.
  • Award of full tuition scholarships to 327 students (employees or children of employees of AFA Group).
  • Offer of Christmas presents to children.
  • Organisation of the AFA Solidarity Run, all proceeds of which are channelled to charities.
  • Donation of items to charities when the Group carries out hotel refurbishments.
  • Distribution of vouchers to families in need in the municipality of Calheta.


Culture and Sport

The AFA Group has also made its mark on the support and promotion of cultural and sports activities. Cultural initiatives include its contribution to the maintenance and reconstruction of the churches of Arco da Calheta in the municipality of Calheta and Serra d’Água in Ribeira Brava.

With this support, the AFA Group has contributed to ensuring the perpetuity of architectural and religious works with a strong influence on the local population, focusing on the preservation of historic buildings and influencing the education of young people in these parishes.

The AFA Group’s sports initiatives continue to encourage its employees to be closer to society, offering a healthy work environment with the promotion of sports activities.

For a number of years, we have staged the AFA Group annual football tournament with more than 80 participants. This is the oldest organised sporting event in the AFA Group, which has enjoyed a growth in participation and enthusiasm of all workers in recent years.

Another sports initiative is the ATLAFA – AFA Group Athletics Team, which has energised and been involved in various events organised regionally by the AARAM – the Madeira Athletics Association, and which has participated in various regional trail events, road races and the Lisbon half marathon. ATLAFA has enjoyed strong growth and momentum, which naturally encourages the emergence of new athletes and the desire to face new challenges and bigger goals. In the trail events in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, one ATLAFA athlete has already marked a victory in both general and absolute terms.