Quality and safety


Framed by innovation, and given that business is dynamic, competitive and constantly changing, especially in a globalised world dominated by uncertainty, we believe that creating value, managed by these processes and based on a systematic enterprise approach, leverages competitive advantages that are ever-more important for global business differentiation.

Implemented in 2005, the AFAVIAS Integrated Management System received certification in August 2007. It has developed since then based on the Management System, a continuous improvement-orientated model guaranteeing across-the-board quality of all its activities and the products developed, and meeting the requirements and expectations of all the parties concerned.

Our Engineering and Construction business is currently obtaining certification for the “Production and shipment of aggregates, concrete, bituminous mixtures and concrete products” and for “Laboratory tests on construction materials and studies on the formulation of bituminous and hydraulic mixtures”. We are proud to be the holder of the first concrete certification, no. 0001.BET/2008. AFA Group is currently recognised by a wide range of certifications, which represents a commitment to market innovation and leadership, especially in Engineering and Construction.



The environmental certification held by AFAVIAS reflects the recognition, operationalisation and implementation of environmental principles and values in our Civil Construction and Public Works business. During the certification process, AFAVIAS defined best practices so as to comply with the applicable environmental legal requirements and define the environmental aspects associated with the activities, products and services that might have an impact on the environment, seeking to minimise these circumstances, prevent pollution and protect natural resources and the environment. These best practices were enhanced by the application for Environmental Management System certification in July 2010, resulting in the issue of the certification in February 2012 and consolidated by its renewal in 2022.


Integrated Management System

AFA Group is proud to meet the most rigorous international standards in the various areas in which it operates, particularly construction.

Of special prominence is the certification of the Quality, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety Integrated Management System, which is implemented in its main business – Civil Construction and Public Works. This system was first implemented in 2005.

Acting with quality, respecting the environment and seeking to safeguard the health and safety of all its employees are values intrinsic to all our activities. The certification of the companies of AFA Group offers our customers, suppliers, partners and all stakeholders the guarantee that our procedures and processes comply with the highest stringency levels defined in international standards and with the legal frameworks applicable to our areas of activity (Community, national and regional).

Engineering and Construction certification:

  • Quality certification, in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001.
  • Environmental certification, in accordance with ISO 14001.
  • Safety certification, in accordance with ISO 45001.


Safety at work

Although occupational health and safety has always been a concern of the Group, it was only in 2003 that its organisation and control was systematised within a specific department. As proof of the Group’s concern for safety, AFAVIAS obtained Health and Safety certification in February 2012, concluding a long process of implementing correct working practices initiated in July 2010.

In March 2022, this was consolidated by the renewal of the certification. This recognition not only guarantees the protection of the well-being of all employees in the workplace, but also that our practices remain aligned with legal changes and requirements that are ever-more stringent, particularly in the civil construction sector. Since then, a wide range of training and awareness-raising activities have been carried out with a view to developing a culture of prevention. The objective is to anticipate, identify and assess the risks that all employees face when carrying out their work in order to prevent occupational accidents.

For this, AFA Group has strengthened its commitment to the prevention of occupational risks and increased the number of safety training and awareness-raising activities, with special attention to musculoskeletal disorders in Engineering and Construction, to improve accident rates. With the Company’s efforts and concern for safety, global accident rates have improved significantly since 2013.

However, and because AFA Group has an ongoing commitment to reducing its accident rates to support its employees, it has restated its commitment to both individual and collective training and awareness-raising campaigns so as to improve on the prevention of occupational accidents.