Contract for the construction of the new Flamengos Church

Work owner
Comissão Fabriqueira da Igreja Paroquial dos Flamengos
Type of work

The new project retained the location and alignment of the layout of the old church, rebuilding the bell tower and the pre-existing main chapel, while adding an extension on the front, creating a covered area at the entrance. The interior of the church is composed of three longitudinal naves completely open to each other, which, together with the altar being moved to the inner part of the assembly, create a more centralised worship space, in which all the participants in the ceremony are accommodated inside this space. The contract work also included a building for support of pastoral action that, similar to that of the original version of the draft project, was laid out in “L”, forming a side patio to the south of the church, connected to it near the main altar and housing the vestry, various rooms for catechism and other activities of the Church Factory and the restrooms.