Our people are our greatest asset

Human resources

We incentivise their involvement, promoting creativity and skill and seeking to strive for their permanent stability and enhancement.

The AFA Group has been strengthening its global market position and has created a significant number of jobs in recent years. AFA Group’s policy is to adapt personal and professional profiles to the requirements of each post, and to prioritise local recruitment so as to contribute to the development and improvement of the living conditions of the communities where it operates. Because we believe that people determine our success, we incentivise their involvement, promoting creativity and resourcefulness and seeking to ensure their permanent stability and enhancement.

We embrace a profession when we enjoy what we do. The challenge is to learn to always evolve and, therefore, I am grateful for the opportunity that the company has given me and for being part of this great family for 25 years.

It is with great satisfaction that I am part of this great company that I admire so much. I am very grateful for the work I have because it is through it that, every day, I learn and grow personally and professionally.

AFAVIAS provided me with an opportunity for personal and professional development through integration into several projects. More than a big company, it’s being a big company.

Sixteen years have passed and it is with great pride that I see myself being part not only of AFAVIAS, but also of a great team of “boys” who joined me right from the start. It’s not always easy, but with commitment, work, team spirit and a big smile, we reach the goal!

Being a Human Resources Director in this Group means embracing a commitment of unlimited passion and wise resilience, with maximum focus on getting the job done, on making it happen, on adding to it, on knowing how to do and knowing how to know.

It is, therefore, with the greatest dedication, persistence and will, that, after 40 years, I am still here, in this great company of which I am so proud. The success of AFAVIAS comes from the leadership of its founder and the knowledge, made of will and experience, to align strategies and teams.

Training and development

Knowledge and expertise are the master keys to the organisation’s performance. Throughout its history, driven by the need and the search for added value, the AFA Group has sought to develop various training programmes for its employees. These are tailored to the Group’s position in the markets where it operates and the objectives to be achieved in its strategic plan. The training needs are varied, and transversal to all companies, departments and areas of activity.

Given that much of the AFA Group’s activity in construction is supported by the internal supply of materials and equipment to its works projects, training is essential in the areas of metalworking, carpentry, light and heavy machinery, laboratories, facilities producing concrete, bituminous mixtures and aggregates, geotechnics, inert materials, industrial electricity, mechatronics, equipment inspection, industrial waste management and the monitoring of production management systems.

Furthermore, given that the AFA Group’s whole administrative dynamic is implemented and managed internally and centrally, structures exist that underpin the organisational design and include a set of divisions and departments that are considered to have different responsibilities. To achieve this performance, all areas with responsibilities require knowledge training and refresher courses.

Over the years, a number of training initiatives have been implemented that cover different areas of knowledge of a more administrative nature, namely Accounting and Auditing, Human Resources Management, Cost Control, Legislation and Tax Changes, Public Procurement, Financial and Banking Practices, Marketing and Behavioural and Corporate Development.

A number of training courses are also a result of certain business development decisions, such as the Spanish course as part of the Group’s internationalisation and expansion into the Latin American market and the Real Estate Legislation course, within the context of the emphatic increase within the context of the emphatic increase in real estate activity both in recent years and in the years to come.



In the current context of expansion, job opportunities may arise for different geographical areas.