The company commercially known as AFAVIAS Açores was founded in 2000, having adopted the current name “AFAVIAS – Engenharia e Construções – Açores, S.A.” in 2009, after the purchase of the entire company by the AFA Group.

At that a time at a larger investment in equipment and facilities was made, providing the company with more modern methods, capable of operating both in civil construction, where the company was specialized, as well as in public works construction.

AFAVIAS Açores has as its main business market the Autonomous Region of the Azores, with structures in São Miguel (registered offices), Faial and Terceira, but in its current work portfolio it has projects in six islands of the archipelago: São Miguel, Faial, Terceira, Pico, São Jorge and Graciosa.

The AFAVIAS Açores strategy seeks to consolidate and increase as much as possible its position and market share in the Azores, both in civil construction, where it is already an inescapable point of reference, as well as – and especially – in public works, where adjudicated contracts are evidence of considerable growth, in size, value, social importance and engineering.

The personal and group valuation, the professional recognition and merit incentive continue to be part of our work philosophy, boosting and embracing new challenges with the same precision, effort and dedication, thereby creating value for the customers.

Over these years of business, AFAVIAS Açores has already completed more than 200 projects.

Advanced production capacity